IKOKY 20Pcs Ovulation Urine Test Strips First Response Over 99% Accuracy LH Tests LH Ovulation Test Strips Pregnancy Test

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  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Individually packaged, with a desiccant to prevent damp
  • Ovulation  test can be quick and easy to predict the time of ovulation, so as to  equip the best time to conceive and contraception.



  •  Item:LH Ovulation Test Strips
  • Material:Virgin Wood Pulp 
  • Product length:8 cm
  • Quantity:20pcs/Set


  • Immerse  the strip into the urine with the arrow pointing towards the urine.  Take the strip out after 3 seconds and lay the strip flat on a clean,  dry, non-absorbent surface (such as the mouth of the urine container).
  • IMPORTANT:Do not allow the urine level to exceed the MAX(marker line), otherwise the test may not perform correctly.
  • The  complete reaction time of 3 minutes is required and your result should  appear within 3 minutes. Do not read results after 5 minutes.


  • This kit is for external use only. Do not swallow.
  • Discard after use. The test strip is not for reuse.
  • Do not use test kit beyond expiration date.
  • Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • The  instructions must be read thoroughly before testing, and the test  strips and urine samples should be returned to room temperature (18 ° C -  30 ° C) before use.

How To Use It?

  • Remove the test strip from the original packaging foil pouch and use it as soon as possible within 1 hour.
  •  Insert  the test strip into the urine specimen in the direction of the arrow.  Note: The urine level should not exceed the marking line of the test  strip.
  •  After  at least 3-10 seconds, remove it and lay it on a clean and flat  surface; or take it out and keep it in the urine cup until the result is  read.
  • Wait  for the purple band to appear, and the test results should be read  within 3-5 minutes. After 10 minutes, the judgment was invalid.

Result judgment:

  • Positive  (+):  Two red bands appear. One is located in the test area (T) and the  other is located in the quality control area (C). And the T line is  thicker than the C line, or the C and T lines are both thick.
  • Negative  (-):  One or two red bands appear. One is in the test area (T) and the  other is in the quality control area (C), but the T line is lighter than  the C line, or there is no T line.
  • Invalid:   There is no red band in the quality control area (C), indicating that  the incorrect operation process or the reagent strip has deteriorated.  In this case, the instructions should be read again and retested with  new reagent strips. If the problem persists, stop using the lot number  immediately and contact your local supplier.


  • The ribbon of the reagent strip and the test strip can show the color depth due to the amount of LH in the urine. The result is judged according to  the above criteria.

Package included:

  •  20pcs/set x Ovulation Test Strips


The IKOKY 20Pcs Ovulation Urine Test Strips First Response Over 99% Accuracy LH Tests LH Ovulation Test Strips Pregnancy Test is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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